Going beyond trends and rules dictated by fashion, Cocker's latest collection enhances what is most genuine about us: our identity and the pride in being who we are.

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Interpreting style as something built from the inside out and in multiple ways, Cocker brings its biggest drop to date, with more than ten exclusive releases, full of colors. They range from classic shoes to important accessories, which make all the difference in the look.

The variations in this collection highlight the new colors of the Loafer in Croco Black and Suede Sand and the Cannadian Bold in Deep Green, Black and Mustard. In addition to the Color models (beige, red, green and blue). The drop gained new silhouettes and with the Chelsea Boot Black and the classic English Derby models in 3 colors, Black, Chocolate and Mustard. The collection also includes side bags, which come in different colors, two dividers and metal finishes.

The shoes and accessories in this collection include Nubuck, Suede and Pull Up fabrics. And all this diversity can also be seen by those who wear the products, making new creations possible for those who want to be bold and step with elegance.

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